Our missions

Our aim is to bring a comfort of life to every human being with drugs of quality.

That’s the reason why PHARMA développement places it’s patients at the heart of it’s concerns.

Our commitments:


Respect the therapeutic observance

A bad therapeutic observance is a public health issue, it is important to place it at the heart of our concerns. Our role is to ensure that healthcare professionals are aware of associated problems to be able to listen and understand the every day life of their patients.


Respect human relationships

We attribute our success to each member of our laboratory and to our many collaborators all over the world. To obtain a cohesion of group it is essential to establish an open dialogue with lots of respect. 


Respect good manufacturing practice

Issued by the competent authority of France, the certificate of good manufacturing practice compliance guarantee the quality of the realized activities in PHARMA développement.

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Last modification: November 2020