Cream against muscular and tendino-ligamentous pains

A cream with




with salicylic acid & diethylamine

Local anesthetic

due to myrteca​ine

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2 to 3 times a day

Local massages on the painful area, until complete penetration


From 7 years old


Strong transcutaneous penetration

Available in




For any advice or if symptoms persist, consult your pharmacist or doctor.

Read the instructions carefully before use. Wait for the complete disappearance of the pain before resuming a physical and sporting activity.

Our massage tips

Neck and nape

Massage cou nuque - converted with Clipc

Massage lightly from top to bottom of the neck with your thumbs.

Massage each side of the cervical vertebra in direction of the shoulders, supporting the back muscles with your forefingers.

Massage cou nuque 2 - converted with Cli

Shoulder girdle

Massage ceinture scapulaire - converted

Start at the base of the neck and, using both hands, massage the shoulder blades from top to bottom.

Massage with one thumb behind the other in order to make the massage more effective for a better penetration of the cream.

Massage ceinture scapulaire 2 - converte

Back muscles

Massage dorsal - converted with Clipcham

Massage with both thumbs from the hips to the shoulders in circular movements.Start with backbone and then massage all the back muscles.

Massage the paravertebral muscles from side to side with one thumb behind the other.

Massage transversal - converted with Cli


Masage épaule - converted with Clipchamp

Start the massage at the level of the pectoral muscles, pushing outwards with your thumb in circular movements towards the shoulder.


Lightly massage with the thumb from the elbow towards the arm and from the elbow towards the forearm in small circular movements.

Massage coude - converted with Clipchamp
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Published on XX/07/2021

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